Meri Kahani!

So it all started when I read a news article on rediff, about more than a year ago I suppose, discussing the kind of salaries IIM grads were expected to get that year. It had a link to this blog, of an IIM grad actually, where he compared the placement activites to Gulshan Grover, and himself to an abla nari. I clicked on it. And I had my first experience of reading a blog. Boy, was he impressive! It was a laugh riot. His blog remains the single most admired blog for many of his fans. People follow him religiously. Somehow he reminds me of Sachin Tendulaker. We (as in old, buddhay) have seen his glorious days. The way he used to creat the magic. The elegant straight drive. To be honest, we can never hate him. But we know that his days are gone, and we wouldnt be able to cherish those moments again. Boy! I am senti now. Anyway, I made the anology, because as is evident, his posts are definitely funny, but after having seen him at the best, I barely manage to pull off a smile now. And I really dont want to see him go. I hope that its just a phase in his life. And that is what I would like to think of the other blogs I visit. You can almost feel it. The loneliness. The feeling that the best is over and its all downhill now on. The glorious past. The days when they they competed to post the first comment on a new post. Everything.

For past one and a half year, I have seen it all. Yaa, I know I sound like a half-centurion, about-to-die old man, who can do nothing but talk about the past. And I really feel old sometimes. And sometimes, I feel I have grown old. Aged, that is. Anyway, this post is not about me. Well, the post is indeed about me. Blogging. I have been addicted to it for all this while. I look for the reasons. And I feel that may be it's the same old 'something, than nothing!' thing. But I just cant believe it. I dont want to believe it. I have seen the lives of people through it, I have related my life to their's. It (the reason) has got to be more deep, at least, better sounding.

Anyway, what prompted this post was another post. Actually a string of posts. I just added one of friend on Orkut and he had this link of his friend's blog (He is my friend too, Btw! And I have this strong feeling that he came to blogger to impress gals by randomly talking about IIT and the great views that he has about life in general!) He has written a post everyday. Quite regularly. And I felt that life goes on. People will blog, they will feel pathetic, they will get bored, they will leave and they will come back. Old people will leave, New people will come.

I so dont want to go to any new blogs. I want to see my 'hero' bloggers happy or sad, but not leaving. I have always had this thing with old things. I just dont find it correct to scrap old things out just because you got something new. They are not just some old things. They have witnessed a part of our lives. Bahut senti macha di yaar maine. Anyways, I feel little scared sometimes. The feeling that people who are doing just fine in this gloomy world, chulbuli basanti and the Great Sash might stop it one day. Yaa, I am a chicken heart.

The strange feeling is that even I find it a possibility. Giving up blogging, that is. Firstly I do waste a lot of time in it. But that cant be a reason. I see people leave, and I dont feel good. I have my expectations, and expectations are the cause of grief. And the funny thing is that I havent even started full time blogging yet, as in writing a post everyday. And I dont even share my url with anyone. Dont ask what's with me! It has got to be the low self steam. OR.. the stinky clothes. Dont ask.

Bahut kuch likh diya yaar. It's almost 11.


  1. Hmmm... whatever goes up comes down? :(

  2. Sash

    No! Ever heard of escape velocity?

    And at least you dont have to worry, you have lasted all this while.

  3. That was a very sweet post! :-) Thanks for mentioning my name! And yes, i adore Abhinav and Sayesha too! :-)

    And have I told you that you have a fan in me? :-)

    And about stopping blogging.. :-) How did you guess!?! :-)

  4. Basanti

    Guess?? what? NOOO! you cant do that to me.

    Main toh tera sabse bada pankha hun, you know that! (I am still in for mutual admiration club.) Kabhi aishi ashubh baatein mat karna.