It's the high time that I write something so full of wisdom that people who claim to be intellegent,saram se paani paani ho jaayein. Okk, that was too rude. And also I dont really have anything funny or profound to say here.

Seriously, what should I write about? I cant help but feel pathetic as I look around for some source of inspiration. Only if my English was litle studd, I could write some extraordinary piece of fiction, as there content does not matter as long as you have been able to keep the readers glued to dictionary. Okk! That was something. A statement, quite original. Not necessarily correct, but that doesnt matter anyway.

okk! This post has got to be about something. Why are all of my posts sound so very much like each other?! Okk! I think I would have to talk about the 'love' love. Quoted because its the gurlfriend-boyfriend kind of love. Now my experience with this kind of love is zero, but then I have watched a lot of movies. And I am quite capable of coming up with some of the best lines. Or so I think! So as I have said, love gives us all a reason. And that is definitely important. A reason to live, a reason to die. Love. Nothing can justify our idiotic acts better. Okk! The discussion should be concentrated on some subjects so as to prove a point. And I am quite not sure what my point is. One thing for sure is that love is overhyped. But then people (in the movies) say that the divine goal of human life is to search for the one thing that you love. Okk! I am trying hard to sound sophisticated.

This post is full of crap. How could someone write such a post??

Jaa raha hun main chullu bhar pani mein doob marne ke liye.


  1. Hehheehhe, wapis aao wapis aao!

    Satish talking about "love".. kya baat hai!! Last days of college, and we have someone talking about love.. chakkar kya hai?? :P :P

  2. nirwa

    tumne pukara aur ham chale aaye,
    Jaan hatheli pe le aaye re.



    Bus love is in the air, i guess.