Indira Manudhane Best Undergraduate Teacher Award

(a)There is one award in this category, of Rs.70,000/-.

(b)The award will be decided primarily through voting by the students. The voting will be carried out on 26th April 2007 at 12:30pm immediately after the end semester exam of Chemical Processes (CL442) course.

(c)Students bearing registration nos.03xxxxxx (4th year B.Tech. and Dual degree students) will vote. These students will be required to stay back after they have handed in their answer paper in the examination. They will be served with two ballot papers against their signature, one for selecting the best teacher and the other for selecting the student excellence awardees.

(d)Voting is compulsory. Students will be required to sign against their names in a separate sheet for having voted. Grades of students not voting will be withheld.

(e)The ballot paper would contain a list of ‘eligible’ teachers (i.e., Professors who have taught the 4th year batch one or more core CL courses and have not been recipients of this award in the last three years), with the courses taught by her/him shown against her/his name. Each student selects the BEST TEACHER in her/his opinion by placing tick marks against the names.

(f)The selections will be by secret ballot, i.e., the students do not sign in the ballot papers. Signed ballot papers will not be counted.

(g)Each student places STRICTLY NOT MORE THAN ONE tick mark in the ballot paper. Ballot papers with more than one tick mark will not be considered.

(h)To be eligible for the award, a faculty member HAS TO GET MORE THAN ONE THIRD OF THE VOTES CAST.

(i)Subject to the above condition, the faculty members polling the highest number of votes will be declared the awardee.

(j)No award will be given if the votes polled are less than a third of the votes cast.