1) Jayawardane got out. He is most admirable captain I can think of. Simplicity personified.

2)Richard Gere kissed Shilpa. People are burning their effigies. I am proud of my country.

3)Just tried listening remix of zara-zara. These people should get their balls blasted.

4)This blog will never tell my true story. I will always try to look kool and people will always think that I am pathetic.

5)Now I know for sure that my favourite course in all my undergrad life was environmental sciences.

6)I was glad to realise that I feel sad thinking that my country is full of hypocritic morons. I guess I will soon find my passion too.

7)This writing style is not original. But I like it so far.

8)I am god. Yes, I lie sometimes. Just for fun.


  1. Love this post! TOTALLI dil se likha hai! :)

    And............. GOLDDDDDDDD! :D

  2. Sash

    Congrats! :D

    and Thanks! :)