bole toh valedictory function. So I have been waiting eagerly, for this moment. And then it happened. And I thought I would be sentimental, but I was not. I still dont feel anything sad in particular. Of course, I am not working at all for my B tech project which is to be submitted on 16th, which accidently also happens to be the day my endsem exams start. So on 12th April, 2007 we had our valedictory function in our hostel. We have been attending hell lot of them lately, as valfis are organised in each of the 13 hostel that we have. In morning on 12th we had the last lecture of this course going by the name 'Chemical Processes II'. Nice name, I know. Anyway, so the prof, who happens to be a 'God' prof, talked about the 'soda ash' process(sodium carbonate, washin soda, NO??), and told us that how it is one of the oldest processes in chemical enginnering. So he cracked the joke that we are studying the oldest process on the last day of our course. We laughed. Then it was 9:30. He said, 'that's it.'. We expected something more. More sentimental I guess. Something like, 'I had a great time teaching you guys!'. Some tears in eyes would have been jus fine. So he wished us 'Best of luck for exams' and we were out of the room the next moment. That was the time when one of my friends said that he couldnt believe that we all had just attended the last lecture of our undergrad life. I told him that we had another lecture of the course, 'Stochastic Processes' the next day. He said he would like to end this journey on a rather memorable moment, right now, after attending prof Mahajani's lecture. Anyway, I remembered that we had our valfi the same evening, so it was near impossible to attend lectures the next day as the function dragged itself to the whole night ending around 6-7 the next morning. So this was indeed the last lecture that we had here.

Ok! Where was I? So what are the main features of Valfis? Supposedly good food. But we had been eating the food served by the same caterer in each of the hostels, and the special food no longer tasted special. I didnt feel like eating anything but I ate anyway. One important feature of valfi is 'Profile Reading' where the dear friends of ours write down the historical event of our life. Anyway, it is rather used as an oppurtunity to do the bashing. Gals, Orkut, Yahoo, Daaru and the other unmentionable things (Believe me, I am being very discreet.) are all you will get in the profiles. The more popular guy you are, the more bashing you should expect. Well, now I know that I am not that popular guy. Another criterion being the presence of female crowd. I had no one of them around me. One of my friends had this great idea of actually hiring some of them, wearing some supe sexy dresses, who would sit right around him, and the sole job of whom would be to smile randomly and bring their heavily lipsticked lips close to his ears occasionaly and pretend talking something very important. Well, anyway, after reading the profile, they will ask you all kind of questions. 'Are you a virgin?', 'Describe your first sexual experience?' 'Rank your female batchmates in order of their maalness.' are some of the frequently asked questions. Well, nothing of this sort was asked from me. How can they be so sure that I am still as 'pavitra' as Ganga mineral water?! They asked me to sing a britney spear's song. I blushed and sang first two lines of 'hit me baby one more time'. Then generaal things related to gals, yahoo and orkut.

So, after that comes the 'senti' part. And you are supposed to bring tears in the eyes of your friends. Okk, that is not correct. To expect anything from these guys, will be as big a mistake as mistaking me for superman. Little digression, once Shaan was to perform here for MI, and he was little late but his band had already arrived with this female who would accompany him in duets. So guys were impatient, and started shouting 'we want Shaan'. And this lady asks, 'Dont you want to listen to me?' And each one of them yelled even louder, 'NNNOO!'. Okk 'them' includes me too. Anyway, I had thought that at least on the night of valfi, I wud get a bit sentimental at least. No, nothing! As one of my friends rightly said in his senti, that we wud have to get out of here to miss it.

Anyway, not more than 2-3 weeks are left, and I feel nothing right now. I kind of thought that I did absolutely nothing here, but even that is not on my mind right now. May be I am plain happy that I am going to leave this place. I dont know what to write now.

Anyway, now that I remember my freshie and second year, I cant believe that I actually lasted the hectic business of the stinky schedules. I mean labs in afternoons, fully occupied slots in morning, viva preparation, assignments submission. Hell, I have got to be happy that I am out. Similar feeling I had about my school too. Each day, the same schedule, same teachers, same lectures. Cant imagine how I was able to make it through all of that. Anyway, I often cherished the great memories that I had of my school, and may be once I get out of here I will feel the same for IIT. Or may be not!

One thing that I am sure going to miss is ofcourse my friends. I really havent seen the 'real world' and I have my doubts if I would be able to find the kind of friends that I have become used to. Anyway, I know I have this thing for my old companians, and I know nothing would ever replace them.


  1. Chemical Processes II, I don't remember my last lecture of my undergrad class! :P

  2. Basanti

    Ohh, you dont?? poor u! what wud u tell your kids wen they ask u abt this? i suggest u'd better cook up something sensible.

    enuf! arre, i said naa even i wudnt have remembered it if it wasnt for ganna.

  3. dost tune valfi ke alawa sab kuch likha hai bas valfi ke baare mein kuch nahi...

  4. azad

    meri babes ke baare mein?