Life is so screwed right now, I thought I would write a post. Most creative work of art is created by the total screwed ones, or so they say. So what is the reason of this absolute misery, I ponder. And I really see no specific, or at least 'reasonable' reason. Some of us just fall in love with misery. Some of the lucky ones I meant. Anyway, I am out of the words now. And now I know for sure that it takes more than a screwed up life to be artistic.

Anyway, I will write something more, you know..,for the heck of it. So this friend of mine, had a childhood love interest. Now he is a real 'sarif' kind, so he had it all planned out. He will get a decent job and eventually ask her to marry him. Seriously, I think there is something utterly romantic about it, right? I mean we are Indians, and while we might like to think that 'I love you' should be the most magical words; when in fact, I think, it's not. Ok, what I think doesn't really matter. On the similar lines, one of my other friends was asked by his love interest; who btw, did not know that she is his love interest, that how he is going to tell the love of his life that he loves him. He answered that he would ask her to marry him. The best possible answer I guess. Again, I dont always guess the right things.

So back to the first story. Now, my friend, here would definitely not like the idea of his love life being discussed on a public forum. Ok, no body reads my blog right now, but someday, this blog of mine, could win the best blog award, in popular awards category. So what ever, I write must be written with utmost care. Or, so I would like to believe. So what do I do next? The very simple idea. I should fictionalize his story, so that everyone is confused and nobody could ever make out the 'sir aur punchh' of the estory. Now, I would like to think that fictionalization is easy, when in fact, its not. Believe me, most of this story is correct. Wait a second, I have already done the job here, I guess. I have lost my credibility. Exactly what I wanted. And it had one other advantage too. My post has become little bigger, fatter. Fantastic.

I am getting this feeling that this could be the best blog written by me till now. Okk, that was a lie. I could only go dipper into the abyss. Okk, this is the first time I have used this word in my entire life; 'abyss' I mean, so do tell me if it is wrongly used. Forget it, I wont give your ideas enough heed anyway. So where was I?
In the abyss. So this friend of mine. He was simply awesome. I dont know why I wrote that. He was just another simple and confused guy. He would never kiss a girl even on yahoo messenger. He would run to kitchen if any girl started to flirt with him, again on yahoo messenger. But boy, he is studd. I guess the only one who exceeds me in 'talking skills' when it comes to,yeah right, yahoo messenger. Yahoo Messenger, single most important invention for MANkind.

Anyway, so where was I, again? So estory mein ek 'crisis' wali situation aur phir climax kaa hona zaroori hai. Believe me apni estori mein bhi crisis hai. So as we come to know after some time that the girl already has a boyfriend. Now the Indian girl just doesnt have a boyfriend because she feels that she wud be an outcast if she doesnt have any. Usne bhi apni saadi, aur hone wale bachcho ke sapne dekhne start kar diye hain.

So what possibly can the 'hero' do now? Anyway, the hero in our estory decides to do absolutely nothing. He is not among the ones who take matter in their own hand. Because if he did, no one else will have any fair chance. Ok. Dont take anything written here for the truth. So I made him watch 'Friends 1x11-The one with Mrs Bing'. Lovely sitcom, I tell you. This episode is really relevant. Full of my new found belief in Mrs Bing I told him that once he watched this episode, all insecurity and confusion will fade away. So if you havent watched this episode yet, you must. And if you have watched it already, then you sud go rewatch it.So Rachel is dating this Italian guy 'Paolo' and Ross is madly in love with Rachel. So they all are somewhere celebrating the record-breaking sales of Mrs Bing's latest book which(the books) invariably deal with the sexual part of human life. So Rachel and Paolo are doing all kinds of stuffs and Ross feels like a helpless idiot. So he drinks. There's this really funny scene where Ross comes out of a bathroom, and Mrs Bing (Chandler's mom) asks if he's okay. He says 'yes', but then a lady comes out of the same bathroom and you must see the expression on Ross' face. Priceless. However, the peak point of this episode is the conversation that follows after this incident. I'll copy paste it.

Mrs. Bing: She's supposed to be with you.

Ross: You're good.

Mrs. Bing: Oh, Ross, listen to me. I have sold a hundred million copies of my books, and y'know why?

Ross: The girl on the cover with her nipples showing?

Mrs. Bing: No. Because I know how to write men that women fall in love with. Believe me, I cannot sell a Paolo. People will not turn three hundred twenty-five pages for a Paolo. C'mon, the guy's a secondary character, a, y'know, complication you eventually kill off.

Ross: When?

Mrs. Bing: He's not a hero. ...You know who our hero is.

Ross: The guy on the cover with his nipples showing?

Mrs. Bing: No, it's you!

And that sums it up. If you are in love, then you should know that you are the hero of the movie. A similar situation arises in 'The Holiday', where apni Kate Winslate is living a miserable life after being in love with a jerk for years. So here is this old man who delivers this line:
'You are leading lady of this film, but you have been acting like the heroine's best friend.'

Aur kya likhun yaar. Bore ho gaya hun. Hath dard kar rahe hain, type karne ke baad. Itna type kiya hota toh, EDP report complete ho jaati.


  1. //I am getting this feeling that this could be the best blog written by me till now.

    Priceless!!! LOLLL!!

    I will vote for your blog :P